Carol’s Corner: The 3 Nutrition R’s of the New Year


A plan of eating habits that will encourage and promote healthier and lifelong eating behaviors. Restitution for your body in the new year can include:

  • Drinking zero calorie liquids
  • Avoiding fried and fatty foods
  • Consuming less fast foods
  • Avoiding grazing
  • Limit snacks to 100-150 calories


A formal expression of your intention to develop healthier eating habits. We want change to occur in our eating habits yet we are reluctant to change. Change will occur when we can connect change to a personal value that is important to us.

I will change my eating habits to…

  • Decrease my medication usage
  • Increase my stamina, range of motion or mobility
  • Reduce my risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol


Involves a commitment to honor the plan that makes up your restitutions and live by your resolutions. Overcoming the ambivalence of a change in eating habits will help promote a healthier eating behavior. Focus on the positive benefits of change and your inner motivation for making a change. Lifelong change comes gradually over time. There are no quick solutions despite this age of rapid feedback and immediate gratification.

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