Online Services for Surgical Weight Loss Patients in Houston

We have enhanced our program to assist you in achieving your weight-loss goals!

Access Our Office Online

We want to help you continue to achieve your weight-loss goals. We have enhanced our post-operative program to include several new web-based services. You can access these services here.

Daily Health Journal is used to monitor progress in your prescribed diet and exercise regimen. You can track your daily exercise activities, diet habits, enter your current weight, view your caloric intake, calorie burn rate and distribution of carbs, fats and sugars. Also available are daily reminders from your doctor, a notes section for general feelings toward your progress, attitude and state of mind. We also provide you with detailed weight loss graphs so you can visually monitor your progress and compare your results to other patients.

Online Patient Education gives you access to approved educational resources, recommended foods and recipes, calculators, tools and support documentation.

Secure Messaging allows you to instantly send us general questions through a simple, secure, and HIPAA-compliant messaging system.

Daily Reminders are sent to you based on your personal health goals and are specific to your needs.

Events Calendar allows you to instantly view upcoming events, such as support group meetings.

Patient Forums include several topics that you can discuss with other patients.

Chat Room is open to all patients allowing real-time communication to and from doctors and patients, available 24/7.

To Register Online:

Follow this link:

Registering online may take up to 45 minutes. This replaces the traditional paper forms that would normally take longer to complete