UT MIST Clinical Research in Houston

Clinical Research in Texas

UT MIST’s Houston surgical specialists conduct cutting edge clinical research with the goal of finding treatments for some of the world’s most rare and severe diseases. We invite you to browse our list of studies and learn about the exciting trials that are happening now.

Metabolic Research

Metabolic syndrome is the name for a cluster of conditions, such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, excess body fat, and abnormal cholesterol that occur together, increasing the risk for heart-related health problems.

We employ an elite team of doctors, surgeons, and nutrition experts whose goal is comprehensive metabolic health. A patient with poor metabolic health (also known as metabolic syndrome) puts them at a higher risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Through Houston clinical research testing, we hope to fight these risks and bring patients a way to achieve

Houston Clinical Research for Diabetes

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which the patient has high blood sugar due to either inadequate insulin production or the body’s inability to properly respond to insulin. Type 1 Diabetes refers to the body not producing insulin, while Type 2 Diabetes refers to the body’s inability to produce enough insulin to function properly. With an estimated 382 million people suffering from diabetes around the world, more and more Houston clinical studies are working to fight this disease.

Our diabetes research is not only focused on developing effective ways to treat the disease, but methods that can be rapidly deployed in clinical applications. UT MIST’s Houston surgical specialists are involved with one-of-a-kind trials that are changing the lives of diabetic patients.

Contact UT MIST today to learn more about our industry leading clinical research and how our findings can help you or a loved one achieve superior medical results.