Single Incision Surgery in Houston

Single Incision Surgery (SILS) is the next great innovation in low trauma surgical procedures. UT MIST surgeons can apply their expertise and SILS methods to perform safe, effective, and quick-healing surgeries at their surgery center in Houston.

Leaders in Single Incision Surgery

Each UT MIST surgeon is educated with the latest in Single Incision Surgery equipment and information. The result is a surgery that is less invasive and traumatic. These Houston surgical specialists can ensure a speedy and effective recovery.

What is Single Incision Surgery (SILS)?

Single Incision Surgery is accomplished through a single incision in the navel. This Houston surgery has the effect of minimizing scarring and incisional pain that patients would normally experience with more traditional surgical forms.

SILS procedures often employ specific tools, like the SILS Multiple Instrument Access Port. The port is fed through the incision in the belly button. Then multiple laparoscopic devices can be used through it. This leads to increased surgical efficacy, on the level of a traditional multi-incision procedure, with fewer negative side effects. On average, patients heal faster, experience less pain, and scar less.