Sleeve Gastrectomy in Houston

Adjustable Gastric BandingThe sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure that involves the removal of a majority of the greater curve of the stomach. This a non-adjustable, fixed restrictive procedure the can significantly reduce the amount of food that you can eat, thereby causing weight loss. In addition to the restrictive nature of this procedure, there is scientific evidence that shows the part of the stomach that is removed is responsible for producing a hormone called ghrelin that acts on the brain to make you hungry. After a sleeve gastrectomy, this hormone is significantly reduced, and patients may have a markedly decreased desire to eat.

The risk of the procedure lies between the risk levels of the adjustable band and the bypass, and this makes it an ideal procedure for high-risk patients who need to lose more than a band can offer but should not undergo the bypass. In addition, this procedure has been used as a “bridge” because it can be converted into any other bariatric procedure (i.e. adjustable band, biliopancreadtic diversion, or gastric bypass in Houston).

The weight loss results over the last five years have been encouraging. Sleeve gastrectomy patients can expect to lose the same amount of weight as gastric bypass patients (60-70 percent excessive weight). However, this procedure has only been performed laparoscopically since 2003 and long-term data is still pending.

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