UT Medical Weight Loss Program in Houston

Our Approach

UT Medical Weight Loss is a comprehensive weight loss program managed by registered dieticians and board certified bariatric surgeons in Houston TX. We are committed to helping patients lose weight gradually and safely to improve their health and quality of life. Our approach is:

  • Personalized. We provide 1-on-1 or small group counseling to meet your unique needs.

  • Comprehensive. We emphasize healthy changes in nutrition and physical activity. We also provide treatment with medication or refer to Houston bariatric surgeons when appropriate.

  • Scientifically-based. We apply principles and strategies based on the best available scientific evidence.

  • Supervised by Physicians. Board certified physicians supervise all aspects of your care.

Before You Enroll

Comprehensive Questionnaire

The questionnaire, which is filled out at home, evaluates weight and weight loss history, nutrition and physical activity habits, and social and psychological factors. UT MIST wants to make sure you are completely ready for weight loss surgery in Texas.

Medical Assessment

A medical assessment is performed by the physician to determine eligibility for the program. This involves review of the comprehensive questionnaire, medical history, physical exam, labs and other tests as indicated. If you have health insurance, the initial and subsequent physician visits and lab and other tests are filed with your insurance company for payment. Co payments, coinsurance and/or deductibles are due at the time of service.

Our Plan

Nutritional and Lifestyle Assessment and Support

A registered dietician will review food and exercise journals, create a personalized nutrition plan, and provide counseling for health eating and lifestyle modifications techniques.

Other Components include:

  • Metabolic testing to evaluate metabolism for the design of an effective weight loss plan.

  • Body volume scan to measure all aspects of body shape and volume.

  • Meal replacement options geared toward meeting nutritional needs while maximizing convenience and savings.

Option 1:  $530.00

  • 12 week program

  • 1 nutritional and lifestyle counseling session per week

  • Metabolic testing

Option 2:  $605.00

  • 12 week program

  • 1 nutritional and lifestyle session per week

  • Metabolic testing

  • Body volume scan

Option 3:  $1040.00

  • 24 week program

  • 1 individual and/or group nutritional and lifestyle counseling session per week

  • Metabolic testing

  • 2 Body volume scans

Payment is due at the time of enrollment and is not refundable. Meal replacement products are optional and at additional cost.